May 24th: 'In Estonian folklore, the fern flower blooms only once a year on the night of June 23rd. This mystical flower will bring luck, happiness and wealth to whoever might find it. Find out more with us on June 6th in Toronto at VEMU and 8th in Elora at the poetry and music night "Fernflower: The Estonian Language and Spirit through Words and Sounds."'

May 31st: "Ensemble U: is a remarkable contemporary music ensemble from Estonia that works without a conductor to perform the works of both modern composers as well as experimental improvisations. And if that isn't cool enough, their performance includes a virtual reality component as well! Catch this exclusive immersive experience at Latitude 44 Toronto on Nov. 14th."

June 7th: "Fernflower (sõnajalaõis) was also voted the most Estonian word in 2019 when Estonian Public Broadcasting organized a campaign to celebrate the Year of the Estonian Language. Join us for the second show in Elora at Seedrioru children’s camp tomorrow at 7pm!"


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